"Perfect paint job John fixed our scratched up and pitted up '08 Toyota Highlander. We're overjoyed with the result. Looks perfectly new! I would recommend him for any restoration. And no, I'm not paid to write this, I'm just a happy customer." - John Kold

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Meet the Business Owners


Meet the Business Owners: John and Colleen:

They are a family owned business. John and his wife Colleen work very closely running their body shop. Colleen also holds a part time job at Macy's in the Santa Rosa Plaza, working as the counter manager. They have been married for 28 years and have learned to communicate in a way that keeps the body shop running smoothly. With all trials that arrive, John and Colleen get through each one together as they come. John and Colleen have two beautiful girls: Rachelle & Chelsea. Rachelle is married to a wonderful man named Sean and they just had John and Colleen's first grandchild Stella. It's a lot of work running a business and having a family, but they have all worked together at it since day one.

"Thank you for choosing Johns Auto Body"
-John & Colleen